Kerjasama Prodi Arsitektur dengan GBPN

Rabu, 11 November 2020 16:58:24 - oleh : Jumani

GBPN_1Kerjasama Prodi Arsitektur Universitas 17 Agustus 1945 Samarinda dengan Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN) dan Pemkot Kota Samarinda diharapkan dapat berjalan dengan baik, GBPN Indonesia Ibu Mei Batubara dan Rektor UNTAG Samarinda Bapak Dr. Marjoni Rachman, M.Si. serta Pemkot Samarinda untuk bersinergi setelah menandatangi perjanjian kerja sama ini. membantu transisi Indonesia menuju masa depan rendah karbon, dengan fokus pada sektor bangunan.

Indonesia, as the fourth most populated country in the world and as a rapidly emerging economy faces many social and environmental challenges. Heavy reliance on fossil fuel, locally and via imports and a spiking energy usage make Indonesia today one of the largest carbon emitting countries in the world.

The building sector, with about 40% of final energy usage faces in particular challenges due to the rapid and poorly regulated development and urbanization. However, there are cost-effective working examples of how to reduce a building's carbon footprint while maintaining high comfort levels through better energy management (energy efficiency and renewable energies) and sustainable constructions. Within the pandemic context, addressing problems such as health and environmental impact in built infrastructures seems more relevant than ever, and this situation could be an opportunity for transformative, deep and lasting change in the building sector.

There’s an urgent need to fast forward the implementation of high energy efficient and low carbon emission buildings in Indonesia. To link and strengthen the existing building policies, it is necessary to coordinate actions and develop sound strategies that would public and private entities to cooperate toward achieving their GHG mitigation commitments (Paris Agreement, INDC) , while increasing economic and social benefits of the country. GBPN is organizing building experts from different backgrounds who share the same passion and goal to assist Indonesia transition toward a low carbon future, with a focus on the building sector (9/11/2020).GBPN_2

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